Bad Boys: Miami Takedown and Plot

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown

Bad boys: miami takedown, additionally called terrible boys ii in europe, is a video game released in 2004 primarily based on the action-comedy film bad boys ii. it become launched in early 2004 after the movie’s DVD release.

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown and Plot


The player takes the position of miami police branch detectives marcus burnett and mike lowrey over alternating stages, meaning that the participant performs stage 1 with one person, performs degree 2 with the opposite, then plays level 3 with the primary, and so on. the sport consists of 5 acts, every containing several ranges.


The sport starts offevolved with a deal taking area between the sport’s villains. a drug lord referred to as tulio mendoza is infuriated after being ripped off by way of a russian businessman named akimov. the two settle their troubles and be a part of forces. meanwhile, two tnt marketers, ray jackson and his partner, lee-ann reid, are going to a diner. jackson sits inside the automobile, while reid walks inside. at the same time as sitting on the counter, the auto explodes with jackson inside and reid is captured via a gang called the infant demons.

Act 1

Burnett and lowrey are sent by way of captain howard to rescue the surviving agent and take out the infant demons gang. they achieve rescuing reid, even though not much to burnett’s wonder, who takes place to have records with her. later, the duo are despatched to an deserted house being used because the infant demons’ hideout, and that they soon discover the chief: bossu williams. burnett engages the gang chief in a shootout, who later escapes.

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown and Plot

Act 2

Tatiyana savin, akimov’s assistant, tries to get bossu concerned with mendoza in alternate for baby demon territory. bossu declines, and starts offevolved ranting, until he is killed by way of tatiyana after calling her a “commie”. then, the toddler demons rob a financial institution, and lowrey and burnett are sent to suppress them. afterwards, tatiyana takes benefit of the financial institution theft and attempts to get away, however crashes her vehicle. she then attempts to break out strolling thru the miami alleyways as lowrey and burnett provide chase, preventing their way through the final infant demons gangsters, and eventually locate themselves up against the russian mafia, who have arrived to cover tatiyana’s break out. the 2 split up; burnett going via the little m’s restaurant, and lowrey going as much as the roof. while burnett is reduce off, lowrey pursues tatiyana across the miami rooftops, combating his manner through the russian mafia. tatiyana forums her gunship and uses it towards lowrey. to begin with, the helicopter has the top hand, however lowrey prevails and manages to smash the helicopter, killing tatiyana. the tnt duo regroups and plans their next venture at an art gallery.

Act 3

Mike and marcus are sent to the art gallery wherein they try to find out about its connection with the russians, and it’s far found out that it’s far owned by using kirill akimov, the fellow whose money was torched by way of marcus. burnett goes on by myself and manages to take manage of the artwork gallery’s protection room, spying on akimov and jabuti siro, mendoza’s bodyguard, discussing a deal taking place on the docks. lowrey uses a silenced weapon to go through another a part of the art gallery and find out what the russians are doing. in the end, the two end up suspicious and suppose the russians are guarding something else, that’s later revealed to be a drug laboratory. lowrey destroys the laboratory, and makes an explosive get away, ending up being outgunned through heavily-armed russians. burnett comes to his companion’s useful resource, because the duo fights their manner out of the artwork gallery.

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown and Plot

Act 4

Mike, marcus, and lee-ann set to the docks to get rid of akimov. burnett is going in by myself, even as lowrey presents sniper aid, with reid recognizing. burnett makes it inside, and overlooks the deal between mendoza and akimov. while doing so, he quickly finds out that jackson, the agent who was presumably killed in the automobile explosion early in the game, continues to be alive, and is running with mendoza. burnett fights his way out of the warehouse, combating not simplest the ultimate russian mafia, however the newly arriving colombian cartel. lowrey palms burnett his sniper rifle, even as he goes onto akimov’s boat. on it, akimov appears, protecting lee-ann hostage. jogging out of alternatives, marcus, with correct timing and endurance, manages to snipe akimov. lee-ann reveals that she positioned a tracker on mendoza’s boat, and the 3 supply chase.

Act 5

Mike, marcus, and lee-ann assault mendoza’s mansion, fighting their way thru his private military of colombian cartel thugs. at the same time as marcus and mike clear the mansion, lee-ann confronts ray jackson. after a conversation, jackson is shot and killed through mendoza, who later escapes. marcus arrives, and ultimately confronts mendoza’s bodyguard, siro. marcus defeats siro, and he and mike regroup to finish off the colombian cartel. the duo fights their way to mendoza, who awaits them on a large cannon. with marcus drawing mendoza’s hearth, and mike taking pictures him, the 2 control to defeat the drug lord. mendoza pleads desperately, and takes their interest away to pull a hidden weapon, disarming mike. marcus kicks him mendoza’s gold enforcer, and he finishes off the drug lord, who lands right subsequent to ciro. the tnt sellers, along with lee-ann, regroup. mike and marcus alternate bickering, tons to lee-ann’s annoyance, who scolds them each. regardless of being caught at the island, the three stroll away victorious.


Terrible boys: miami takedown acquired “normally detrimental critiques” on all systems in keeping with online game evaluation aggregator metacritic.[14][15][16][17]

The sport turned into declared #7 worst for gametrailers’ “top ten fine and worst videogames”;[18] it positioned #3 for “pinnacle ten worst movie games”.[citation needed]


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