Drug cartel and Africa

Drug cartel

A drug cartel is any criminal agency with the purpose of supplying drug trafficking operations. they range from loosely controlled agreements among numerous drug traffickers to formalized industrial organisations. the term changed into applied while the biggest trafficking agencies reached an settlement to coordinate the manufacturing and distribution of cocaine. because that agreement was broken up, drug cartels are not definitely cartels, but the term caught and it is now popularly used to refer to any criminal narcotics related employer.

Drug cartel and Africa

The fundamental shape of a drug cartel is as follows:

Falcons (spanish: halcones): considered as the “eyes and ears” of the streets, the “falcons” are the bottom rank in any drug cartel. they’re responsible for supervising and reporting the sports of the police, the military, and rival groups.[1] hitmen (spanish: sicarios): the armed institution in the drug cartel, accountable for carrying out assassinations, kidnappings, thefts, and extortions, working safety rackets, and protecting their plaza (turf) from rival groups and the army.[2][3] lieutenants (spanish: teniente): the second maximum role within the drug cartel corporation, chargeable for supervising the hitmen and falcons within their own territory. they are allowed to carry out low-profile murders without permission from their bosses.[4] drug lords (spanish: capos): the best position in any drug cartel, chargeable for supervising the entire drug industry, appointing territorial leaders, making alliances, and planning excessive-profile murders.[5] there are different running corporations inside the drug cartels. for instance, the drug manufacturers and suppliers,[6] although not considered within the basic shape, are critical operators of any drug cartel, at the side of the financiers and cash launderers.[7][8][9] in addition, the hands suppliers perform in a very extraordinary circle,[10] and are technically no longer considered a part of the cartel’s logistics.


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cape verdean organized crime
mungiki[11] nigerian organized crime[12][13][14][15][16][17] confraternities in nigeria
black awl confraternity
anini gang
mai-mai militia gangs
moroccan cannabis smugglers
ahmed corporation

Drug cartel and Africa


See additionally: unlawful drug alternate in latin the us
north the us
rivard company
pink scorpions
William Maxwell Aitken brothers
west end gang[18][19] blass gang
dubois brothers
indo-canadian prepared crime
Punjabi mafia जोहल गिरोह (canada)[19] canadian mafia families
rizzuto crime own family[19][20] cuntrera-caruana mafia clan[19][20] cotroni crime circle of relatives[19][20] musitano crime circle of relatives[19][20] papalia crime circle of relatives[19][20] luppino crime own family[19][20] perri crime own family[19][20] siderno organization[19][20] commisso ‘ndrina[19][20]

United States

The us of the united states is the arena’s biggest client of cocaine[21] and other illegal drugs.[22][23][24][25] that is a list of yank criminal agencies concerned in illegal drug site visitors, drug exchange and other associated crimes inside the u.s.:

countrywide crime syndicate[18][26] seven group[18][26] homicide, inc.[18][27] polish mob
saltis-mcerlane gang[26] kielbasa posse[28] the greenpoint group[29] apartments mob
the flathead gang[30] prohibition-generation gangs
downtown gang
beach gang
the maceo syndicate
shelton brothers gang[26][31] sheldon gang[26] broadway mob[26] the lanzetta brothers
circus cafe gang[26] wandering own family
remus business enterprise
the company[18] puerto rican mafia
agosto company
l. a. onu
martinez familia sangeros
solano company
negri organisation
márquez playing ring
polanco-rodriguez organization[14] los angeles (see also rampart scandal)
nash gang[32] wonderland gang[32] dixie mafia[26] cornbread mafia[33] greek-american prepared crime
philadelphia greek mob[34] velentzas family[35] assyrian/chaldean mafia[36] hawaii
the employer
leota mob
wall gang
elkins mob
the chickens and the bulls
binion mob
johnston gang

Drug cartel and Africa

American Mafia

Italian immigrants to the usa inside the early 19th century formed diverse small-time gangs which steadily developed into state-of-the-art crime syndicates which ruled organized crime in america for numerous many years. even though government crackdowns and a much less-tightly knit italian-american network have in large part reduced their strength, they remain an lively pressure inside the underworld.

Active crime families

American mafia
The commission[20] the 5 families of new york metropolis[12][18][20] bonanno[12][18][19][20][15][37] indelicato team
the movement lounge group
Colombo[12][18][19][20][15] scarpa group
genovese[12][18][19][20][15][37][38] 116th avenue group[20] greenwich village group[18] new jersey group[15] gambino[12][18][19][20][15][37] ozone park boys[39] demeo team[20] baltimore group
south florida faction
new jersey faction
the bergin group
cherry hill gambinos
lucchese[12][19][20][15][38] the jersey crew[15] the vario group[18] 107th avenue gang
magaddino crime circle of relatives[18][20] decavalcante crime own family[18][20][15] the chicago outfit[12][18][36][20][30] (see additionally unione siciliane)
las vegas team (defunct)
philadelphia crime circle of relatives[18][19][20][15] pittsburgh crime own family[20][26] patriarca crime family[20] angiulo brothers group[20] cleveland crime own family[20][30] los angeles crime circle of relatives[20] kansas metropolis crime family[20] trafficante crime family[20] detroit partnership[20][26][30] milwaukee crime own family[20] new orleans crime family[18][20][26]

Defunct mafia families

Morello crime family[18][20] genna crime circle of relatives[20] porrello crime family[20] st. louis crime circle of relatives[20] rochester crime circle of relatives[20] bufalino crime family[20] dallas crime circle of relatives[20] denver crime family[20] san francisco crime circle of relatives[20] san jose crime own family[20] seattle crime family
omaha crime own family
licavoli mob[18][20] cardinelli gang
new york camorra
east harlem red gang[38]

Jewish mafia

NY town
schultz gang
the insects and meyer mob[27] shapiro brothers[27] yiddish black hand[27] rothstein business enterprise
kaplan gang
rosenzweig gang
69th avenue gang[27] sagansky corporation
solomon employer[27] l. a.
cohen crime own family (blend between jewish and italian contributors)[20][26][27] the red gang[18][27][30] zwillman gang[27] child cann’s gang[27] birger mob[31] cleveland syndicate

African-American organized crime

Sure participants of the black panther birthday celebration, particularly the oakland chapter, also engaged in crook sports along with drug dealing and extortion.

The big apple city
the council[40][14][37] harlem numbers racket[37] bumpy johnson gang[37] ultimate team[41] the bebos
the united states of america boys[37][41] matthews business enterprise[37] the own family
black mafia own family[42] young boys, inc.[14] chambers brothers[14] philadelphia
black mafia[18][37][41] junior black mafia[16] oakland, california
69 mob[41] baltimore
williams organization (drug trafficking)[41] washington, d.c.
rayful edmond company[41] chicago
theodore roe’s gambling ring
stokes organization
atlantic town
aso posse
miami boys
rosemond company

Irish Mob

Prohibition-era chicago gangs
north facet gang[18][26][43] james patrick o’leary organization
john patrick looney gang
valley gang[26] ragen’s colts[26] touhy gang
mullen gang[43] winter hill gang[18][43]
gustin gang[43] charlestown mob
killeen gang[43] danny hogan’s gang
danny Walsh gang
tom dennison empire
danny greene’s celtic membership[18][43]
nucky johnson’s employer
OK&a gang
enright gang
the big apple
dwyer gang
the westies[18][43] white hand gang[18] higgins gang
st louis
hogan gang
egan’s rats[26][43]



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