Drugwars and Premise


Drugwars is a approach door sport for bulletin board systems wherein the player assumes the role of a drug provider. the item of the game is to deal the most capsules to repay the “mortgage shark” (who expenses interest) by means of the give up of the sport and make a income. drugwars turned into originally an ms-dos application created via john e. dell in 1984.[1]

Drugwars and Premise


The premise of the sport is that the participant is a drug supplier living in big apple city. the participant travels across the numerous parts which include new york, the bronx, and brooklyn. the player additionally buys and sells numerous capsules together with cocaine, heroin, acid, weed, pace, and ludes. journeying from one part of the metropolis to any other takes someday. the factor of the sport is to make the most sum of money inside the given time of 30 days.

The participant starts with $2,000, a hundred spaces in his/her trenchcoat, and no guns. a player must deal with loan sharks who are beneficial due to the fact they provide the a whole lot wanted preliminary capital funding, however charge a excessive hobby price and should be paid lower back quick or the player loses the game. at some stage in the course of the sport, the player can purchase a gun or extra pocket space through randomly being offered those matters throughout travel. in every part of the town, the participant tests the costs, buys and sells drugs, and then travels to any other part of the town.

Drugwars and Premise

Other additives consist of the police who’re embodied within the person of officer hardass. throughout the sport, hardass will randomly confront the participant. the player has 4 picks: to get arrested, to run, to combat, or to maintain dealing. any choice dangers injury to the participant and after 10 photographs the player dies and for this reason loses the sport. with a view to combat the police, the participant have to have a gun. if the player can kill hardass and his deputies, a coins award may be earned. random occurrences additionally arise at some point of the game which includes muggings, drug sales, accelerated drug expenses, and the locating of drugs.

After 30 days, the game ends. the very last rating is calculated by means of taking the players present day amount of money and multiplying it by using two. the range of thousands and thousands of bucks a participant has is his/her rating out of a one hundred. for example, a player who finishes with $25,000,000 can have a very last score of fifty/one hundred. if a participant reaches $50,000,000, the maximum score of a hundred/a hundred may be attained and the player may have crushed the game.

Drugwars and Premise


The basic strategy of drugwars is to shop for a drug in one region at one rate, and then journey to another location to promote it for a better price.

At the beginning of the sport, the participant does no longer have tons money and must cope with the most inexpensive capsules along with ludes and velocity due to the fact that is all of the participant can come up with the money for. as the sport progresses but, the player can purchase the greater costly pills with a excessive earnings margin which include cocaine and heroin. a professional participant have to understand the usual charge of all drugs and ought to realise whilst a drug is cheap and when it’s miles pricey.

However, with a purpose to make the most sum of money, the participant ought to take benefit of notable fluctuations within the marketplace. these fluctuations arise in every drug. the cheap tablets which includes ludes, speed, weed, and acid generally can be determined at significantly discounted costs at one location, and therefore create a terrific income margin. this once in a while takes place additionally to coke. those rate drops arise by using chance and the participant need to be lucky enough to discover one.

To conquer the game, the player must take gain of the increased fee of the most high priced tablets, cocaine and heroin. every now and then, the law enforcement officials carry out a coke bust or heroin addicts are desperate for heroin. this could force up the price of those capsules up to 10 times their ordinary fee. if a player is fortunate enough to stumble into several of these and make a huge income, then he/she will be able to beat the sport.


Through the years some variations of the original sport with the aid of john e. dell were released. dope wars is a famous version of the sport written by using ben webb. another famous version is drug wars – underworld. in 1998, michael swain launched a changed port of the authentic ti-82 drug wars, for the ti-eighty three and ti-eighty three+ graphing calculators. in 1999, jason roberts released a version for the ti-eighty three known as drugwars 2: worldwide that introduced rpg factors which covered fights with cops.

a version on drugwars also exists inside the nintendo ds recreation grand robbery car: chinatown wars wherein the participant can buy 6 special types of capsules from numerous gangs in liberty town. fee tendencies are displayed on a map and the player gets informed of exact costs thru an in-game electronic mail machine.

There had been diverse incarnations of this game. there are internet-based variations, mobile telephone versions, a windows purchaser, a linux client, a palm os version and a version for the mac os x dashboard.

Zynga version

Zynga evolved a version of the sport for social networking websites, together with myspace and fb. their version modifications a few mechanics of the sport.

Zynga’s rendition of dope wars took the fundamental layout of the authentic sport and grew to become it into an mmorpg-style sport with consumer interaction. the player’s objectives are to deal drugs, hire live workers, combat with them for cash in fight membership, gamble in the on line casino, and tour the world whilst doing missions and building their cartel.

Zynga discontinued this game in early december 2009.

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